Nina Tatarowicz

Nina Tatarowicz has lived in Buenos Aires off and on since 2001 where she developed extensive involvement in the tango community. Her style can be considered “modern” salon tango: technique based on work with the most prominent and innovative masters of the art together with the fundamentals of dance movement. This has given her the critical tools to teach all dancers, from beginning to advanced, how to move intelligently and creatively.

Currently she works on tango related projects both in BA as well as Chicago.
In 2008 Nina enjoyed great success with the production of “Eurydice Ascending” which debuted at the Cambalache Tango-Theater Festival in Buenos Aires. She is looking forward to traveling with this project in the coming year as well as continuing to explore tango in theatrically expressive ways.
Nina is proficiently trained in both the lead and follow roles. She offers individual, semi-private and group lessons. Find her schedule at