Tango Shoes

In the beginning any shoes will do, as long as they fit well and have a leather or smooth rubber sole that will allow you to pivot easily. For those who want to wear heels, we recommend shoes that have a strap so your shoes stay on when you’re dancing.

Once you’re ready to invest: Buying a pair of tango shoes is a symbolic moment of commitment. (The author danced in street shoes for a full six months before purchasing a dedicated pair.) They don’t come cheap, especially for a student budget; most start at around $100, and go up from there. Here are a few suggestions on where to begin the process:

  • The UC-ATC offers a discount coupon for the primary local tango shoe vendor, Chicago Dance Supply, where you can try many shoes on and receive guidance to help find your perfect pair. Please approach one of the club’s organizers to receive a coupon.
  • If you want to save some money, and feel comfortable with the gamble of online purchasing, Discount Dance offers a good variety of more casual basic ballroom shoes for around $60.
  • Do some background research, and learn about the ins-and-outs of tango shoes for instance on the pages Tango Shoe Guide or Chicago Dance Supply’s Tango Shoe guide.