Q: When is the next class/event?
A: Check the classes page for seasonal information. Weekly updates are made on our facebook page and sent to our mailing list (see below). Any changes in location, etc., will be announced through these. Events are planned quarter by quarter according to the University of Chicago academic calendar. In other words, we usually do not have on-campus events during breaks.

Q: Can I just show up?
A: Yes! Classes are open to everyone and you can pay the class fee once you are there (usually $5 or $3 for UChicago students). However, although walk-ins are welcome, we encourage continuous attendance through the quarter, and offer discounted quarterly membership.

Q: How can I subscribe to the mailing list?
A: Click here to send an email to sympa@lists.uchicago.edu with subject “SUBSCRIBE tango YourName YourLastName.” Or check the listhost webpage.
Or send an email to tango@uchicago.edu with subject “SUBSCRIBE.” There are so many ways… we really want you!

Q: How can I remove/unsubscribe myself from the list?
A: Send an email to sympa@lists.uchicago.edu with subject “SIGNOFF tango”. Or check the listhost webpage.

Q: Which class level should I take, beginning or intermediate/advanced?
A: Normally we offer two classes per week: beginners and intermediate/advanced. We change teachers frequently, and as different teachers stress different aspects of tango technique, this adds variety and the classes are never the same. The Beginners class start from zero at the beginning of the quarter and builds the fundamental skills necessary to dance, such as musicality, lead and follow, walk, ochos, basic turns…). Intermediate/advanced enriches the vocabulary adding sequences or elements like barridas, sacadas, and off-axis steps.
Repeating the beginners’ level to practice fundamentals is always a good exercise for everyone, and more advanced dancers are welcome to attend beginning classes in order to work on technique. If you feel comfortable with fundamentals you are welcome to attend intermediate/advanced classes. Generally to join the next level you should have been dancing tango at least once a week for at least one year; however your ability to follow the material presented will be the best judgement about your dance level.

Q: Where are the classes?
A: Almost all our events are held in the Logan Center or Ida Noyes Hall, in Hyde Park. Have a look at our facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

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Q: What shoes should I wear?
A: Any shoes will do, as long as they fit well and have a leather or smooth rubber sole that will allow you to pivot easily.  For those who want to wear heels, we recommend shoes that have a strap so your shoes stay on when you’re dancing. If you are considering to buy Tango shoes, you might find these notes helpful.

Q: Where else can I dance in Chicago?
A: Generally there is tango dancing every night of the week somewhere in Chicago or Chicagoland: check the Tango Mango website for an overview.

Milongas and practicas are an excellent way to improve dancing skills. The UChicago tango club occasionally organizes group outings to milongas around town.