The University of Chicago Argentine Tango Club (ATC) was founded in Autumn 2004.  We organize tango classes, milongas, festivals, and dance outings in the city of Chicago and beyond.

Our classes are open to all, both UChicago affiliates and the wider Chicago community. Cost for most classes is $3 for UChicago students and $5 for everyone else. No partner is necessary for either the classes or other activities as we usually change dance partners throughout the event.

Walk-ins are welcome, but we also encourage regular attendance as our classes are progressive over the course of the quarter. There is no dress code, although wearing smooth leather-soled shoes will enable you to pivot more easily.

Some of our favorite musicians

  1. Golden Age:  Aníbal TroiloCarlos di Sarli,  Carlos Gardel
  2. Modern:  Color TangoMandrágora Tango
  3. Nuevo:  Gotan ProjectCarlos LibedinskyAstor Piazzolla

The Argentine Tango Club is an RSO (Recognized Student Organization) at the University of Chicago.  Its main objective is to promote Argentine Tango on the UChicago campus, and within the larger community.  Our larger mission is to provide good quality, affordable events.

The club holds regular tango dance classes during all four academic quarters of the University of Chicago, and other special events dispersed throughout the year.  Follow this link to learn about our current events or visit our facebook page for weekly news.

Are you interested in performing? The UofC ATC receives occasional invitations to perform both on an off campus. Please let us know if you are interested in performing!

Come dance with us!

Thank you to all the volunteers that help make this club possible.  If you would like more information you can write us at:


Our mailing address is:
Argentine Tango Club RSO
5706 S. University Avenue, RC001
Chicago, IL 60637

Some useful links





      UChicago library’s

music collection
Chicago Dance Supply